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Why You Continue To Spin Your Wheels When It Comes To Weight Loss

(And What You Can Do About It)...


Diets and weight loss advice abound. Each time you discover something new, it seems promising. Maybe this will be the answer. You get started with high hopes and lots of determination. And maybe you do lose weight initially.

Only, at some point it starts to feel like a BATTLE.

Or life happens... and before you know it you’re back where you started (or worse). You’ve poured your HEART and SOUL into trying to make it work. But you’re not getting the results you want. And you don’t know why. You think... maybe you lack the motivation, the willpower, maybe it’s just your genetics.

But the biggest reason is that you haven't found the exact right approach for who YOU are.

An approach that takes into consideration your dieting history, your genetics, your health.

An approach that looks at WHY you gained the weight to begin with, and what's currently keeping you stuck.

You didn’t work with someone who understands the SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS, the interaction of hormones and the brain, and how to flip the switch on your metabolism.

The Missing Piece Holding You Back From Getting  Results:

The reason you’re not getting results is that there’s a missing piece. That missing piece is a special someone…

Someone who learns the ins and outs of WHO YOU ARE before even getting started.

Someone who has poured through the research and understands the SCIENCE and can shape your weight loss plan to EXACTLY what’s best for you and your body. 

You need someone who can walk you through EACH STEP of the process--someone who knows how to get BEYOND the initial weight loss.


And getting there will take you WAY LONGER and cost you a TON OF MONEY (not to mention frustration and heartache) when you do it the wrong way.

If you've been at this for any length of time you probably already know--an experienced, credentialed, science-based, integrative, weight loss EXPERT who will customize a plan specifically for you and walk you through it -- is VERY RARE.

LESS THAN 1% of those attempting weight loss in the usual ways actually succeed at losing weight and keeping it off. There's a reason for this. If you don't know what you don't know, it's REALLY hard.

If you’re tired pouring your heart and soul into weight loss attempts and not getting results, you’re in the RIGHT place and have finally found that special someone.




Your Unique Plan: A proven, science-based, process where together we create a customized plan and walk through it with you step by step. Helping you lose weight by allowing you to work with your body, removing the struggle and preventing weight regain.

Mandy Degelsmith, PhD

Mandy holds a doctorate in psychology and pulls from cutting edge science around hunger, hormones, and the brain to help her clients shift their metabolism along with their habits, beliefs and mindset. She's been helping women shed their excess weight and transform their lives for over 20 years.


Get inspired: Read and hear stories about women -- many of whom who didn't think it was possible -- reach their goals and find freedom with food and eating again. And learn how they did it.

I don’t ever want to give food back the control it used to have over me, because it was so suffocating. And to be free of that, there are no words. 

Before this, food defined me. “What am I going to eat next? What does the scale say? Do these pants fit?” All of that. Food and my weight -- that was WHO I WAS. And without that in my life, there are so many things that I can be. 

There are just so many different things that have changed. It’s not just about losing the weight -- the mindset and the mindfulness and understanding WHY I felt the way I did for so long-- and knowing now that I wasn’t crazy.

To have that peace of mind and that clarity. And I feel like I can be a regular human being and not feel restricted or feel bad about what I eat or don’t eat. It’s just so amazing to be free of all that garbage.  It’s worth just as much as losing the weight.

--Melissa Drumheller

What's Blocking You From Losing Weight? 

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"We thought we were good eaters. But in a big Italian family, food is everything. I was having constant energy crashes mid-day. I didn’t feel good. So I knew I could just keep going to doctors and taking meds, which I don’t like --  or do it this way. 

I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’m a size 6 now.  The headaches are gone. So are the hot flashes. And I just bought a 2 piece swimsuit. Did it feel great? Yeah.

People tell me “You look amazing. Are you going to the gym?” And I say, "Yes, but that’s not what got me here." I know that because I was going to the gym BEFORE -- for two years.  

If you want cheap or quick, there’s a million other things you could do. But this is a PERMANENT fix. It’s really figuring things out. It's changing your habits. It’s for a lifetime. I know that now."

--Ann Marie Little

“Before this program, I knew I could be a better version of myself —  I just didn’t know how to get there. I was so tired and felt stuck. And when I dieted there was always the feeling like the other shoe may drop at any moment. 

This was so different. I’m not hungry all the time — or irritable. And those voices that question, judge and doubt are gone. I don't have to count how much of this or account for every little thing I eat. Or to feel bad because I’ve gone over a certain amount of calories or points.   So for the first time I’m at this weight without all that.

And the WAY we worked together...the very customized, personalized touch...I just haven't found it anywhere just really worked.

--Reeves Schulstad

"I needed someone I could trust in, where I didn’t feel judged or shamed. Because when we battle our weight, we put a lot on ourselves. I needed to be able to not be perfect, to just be human. To be able to understand what was going on underneath that had kept me in bad food patterns. This program was focused on ME, it was one-on-one, and it was REAL. 

I had done so many diet plans, I called myself the 30 day wonder-- I could do anything for 30 days. This was a total shift in mindset for me.

In addition to the weight loss, I finally overcame a lot of the food addictions and other issues I had. My joints stopped aching at night-- my sleep got much much better. I was shocked at how much better I felt -- and continue to feel." 

--Lynda Krieger