“After 41 lbs and getting off of 3 medicines, I am a believer! I highly recommend this for anyone who struggles with not only weight, but anything other symptoms like aches, pains, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, skin issues, etc.  I had gone to 5 nutritionists, exercised for months, non-stop at times, and the doctors just kept prescribing more meds and telling me to try harder. I had tried and so I thought I was just genetically handed this fate. I was wrong . January 19th, I walked into Mandy Degelsmith’s progarm, and after 8 years of struggle, I was off 2 diabetes meds in 1 week! I have my dreams back and I am not as afraid of living. The best part is it is as simple as eating real food.”

-Deneen Robie

"I’ve stayed pretty straight on the program since finishing a year ago.   The biggest thing? My inflammation–my joint pain–It’s gone.  I’ve been able to integrate exercise with no pain.

And what’s crazy–my cholesterol’s gone way down. That was really unexpected. I was looking at the prospect of taking medication.  But when you watch those commercials on tv and hear all the crazy potential side effects–it’s like who really wants to take that stuff? Doesn’t it make more sense just to change what you eat?

Overall this has been so positive in so many ways.  Learning the science behind it all was so important for me.  And the support–hearing what others were experiencing and going through was really helpful, too. And it’s so true about the physical, mental and emotional tying together.  When I started the program I was at my heaviest. I didn’t feel good.  Now I literally have to buy new clothes. My clothes are falling down, my belt’s on its tightest hole. And for 4 months, the only exercise I did was walk.

And it hasn’t been hard either.  And the foods I got off of I don’t miss. People ask me what I’ve done and I tell them about the program.  This has created such a huge, huge change.  Even though it’s not really a big deal.  It’s now just how I eat.  It’s the path I’m on.”

–Tim Jones, COO Concord Hospital

I just had to call you—I’m so excited! I just got my numbers back from the doctor—since starting the program this past spring:

  • my total cholesterol’s gone down from 253 to 201
  • my HDL (“good cholesterol”) has gone up from 62 to 80
  • triglycerides have gone down from 119 to 94
  • my LDL (“bad cholesterol”) has gone way down from 150 to 94!

Oh yeah, and my official weight loss to date is 27 pounds! I’m really just so tickled! I know I was feeling better and had more energy, but to get this kind of documentation—it just sums it all up! It’s so empowering and confirming of everything I’ve been doing.  Thank you!”

-Rebecca Pulease

“I can tell my metabolism has changed somehow! YAY! I never thought I’d be able to get my weight down to the level it’s currently at.  I feel like a new person thanks to you, Mandy!”

-Denise Turner

“I have completely changed the way I look at food. The program really taught me how to understand the food that I’m buying and putting in my mouth—and how it affects my body.  It really got the ball rolling for me.  My kids are even eating healthier and liking what I cook!”

-Annelise Clark

"Glad to know you are keeping up your work with health and wellness.  I’ve dropped 40 lbs total and still going…I still credit you with the shift that resulted in me losing weight on my own after the program. I was happy being 32 lbs. lighter but it keeps dropping off naturally. I don’t notice, because I don’t weigh myself much…I just go by how clothes fit. I was at a networking thing Friday morning and people were commenting on how I’d lost more weight. I was like…really? For grins, I put on a pair of new pants that I bought 4 years ago. They are still in style and I thought what the heck…give it a try. They fit all right. I need to have them altered at the tailor. Now that was fun!”

-Barb Giamanco