It wasn’t so much about vanity (ok, well maybe just a bit) as much as it was about feeling at home in my own skin.

one of my favorite Places--the Maine Coast

one of my favorite Places--the Maine Coast

Maybe you can relate. For my entire late childhood and early adulthood I yo-yo’d with my weight.  Not a huge yo-yo, but enough to be frustrating and wear me down emotionally.  

I started exercising prodigiously back then in part because I always thought it would help me lose weight or at least keep me from gaining it.   I never understood why I could run miles a day or bust my butt on my bike, and yet it didn’t seem to make much difference with my weight.  

I felt like I was doing everything I was supposed to do and getting nowhere (still overweight).  I figured, maybe I was just a slave to my genetics.  

The thought of having to continue to work hard for the rest of my life without ever seeing results was disheartening to say the least.  Here I was successful in so many other ways (had recently finished my doctorate in psychology)--and yet I felt powerless in my ability to change my body. 

 A lot of the time I wanted to just throw in the towel and say, "I may as well just eat and do what I want!”

For the love of %#*! Why is this so freaking hard?

Trying not to get soaked at the zoo

Trying not to get soaked at the zoo

At one point I came upon what seemed like “insider” information--stuff about calories, metabolism and weight loss that nobody else was talking about.  

As a natural born science geek I continued to look for everything I could find on the subject.  I read journal articles, blogs, and books.

My natural curiosity as a psychologist led me to research in neuropsychology that showed how our brain is really ground zero when it comes to gaining or losing weight -- and how it regulates our hunger, our food intake, and our metabolism.  The key is in applying what we know about how the brain works to our lives in a practical way.

I realized that the myths and misinformation I had bought into for so long had me doing things that were completely counterproductive and preventing me from getting to where I wanted to be.

I started applying this new information and began to see big changes. I had tons more energy, clearer skin, and the weight I’d been trying to lose for years came off without my thinking much about it--allowing me to focus on more important things.  My husband’s story is even more remarkable (you'll be able to read about his amazing transformation soon). 

Reading in the backyard on a spring day

Reading in the backyard on a spring day

What I had stumbled upon was actually ancient wisdom--now being confirmed by modern science. 

It wasn’t new--but it was only recently being uncovered and rediscovered by the modern public.  And it was about so much more than weight.  With a family history of heart disease and diabetes, it was especially relevant to me.  

The more I read and learned, the more strongly I felt that I needed to put the knowledge I had gained to use to help other people lose weight and get healthy. 

The reality is that even if you've tried a gazillion other things and are starting to lose hope, there are strategies that will work for you.  Change is possible, even if you're not sure you have the fortitude to try again--or if you're beginning to think there's something wrong with you. 

Not only that, but it’s not that hard--especially when you consider the alternative--continuing to get fatter and sicker over time or spend the rest of your life taking costly medications whose side effects are worse than the problems they’re supposed to treat. 

This all started almost 20 years ago...


Since then my mission has become to help as many people as possible live their best lives--mentally, physically and spiritually-- by coming back into balance and living in a body that feels right.