With private coaching you'll get a one-on-one, individualized experience.  Though I have a process, the work I do is completely customized and specialized for each person, so I limit the number of clients I work one-on-one with at any given time.  

    Areas we'll address:

    • Food
    • Movement/Exercise
    • Restoratiave sleep
    • Stress (how to manage it and shift your perspective on it)
    • The science of willpower, motivation, and habit change
    • Happiness, sense of purpose, connection with others

    What you'll experience:

    • More energy, less bloating and digestive issues, better sleep, improved mood, improvement of chronic health issues...
    • Begin to see larger possibilities for yourself--much larger.
    • Bust through barriers including fear and self doubt. 
    • Discover blind spots--things you may be missing because you’re focused on other things.
    • Learn how you sabotoge yourself (and how to stop doing it!)
    • Learn to honor yourself-- begin saying no to the things that don’t serve you and yes to the things that do.
    • Pay attention to what's really important so you don’t wind up in a place that looks good but feels crappy on the inside.

    Coaching packages include:

    • Initial Momentum Session
    • 50 min phone or video conferencing sessions (you pick the package)
    • Unlimited email coaching follow-up and accountability
    • Resources as appropriate
    • Investmest starts at $1200

    Here's how it it works.  When you set up your call we'll talk--no cost to you--and find out if I'm a good fit for you and if you're a good fit for me.   At the end of the call if we both feel like we want to move forward, you pick the package that works best for you and we'll set up the Intital Momentum Session.  If we decide not to move forward, you leave the call with some new insights that you can apply to your life.  Win/win.