Congratulations on taking this step to learn about your brain and how it’s affecting your ability to lose weight!  Just the fact that you are here reading this means that you care about your health and are curious about making positive changes.  Your results on the quiz indicate that your brain is highly sensitive to food reward. This means that the reward center of your brain responds strongly to eating--or even thinking about eating food. 

Your drive to eat is strong, especially with highly palatable foods--making you more likely to think about food, get excited about food and go out of your way for specific foods.  It also means you may be more inclined to eat more than you need at any given time.  Unfortunately it also means you are more susceptible to weight gain over time and may have struggled with weight loss.

Although it’s hard to believe it now, being highly sensitive to food reward was an advantage for most of our ancestors throughout time.  Back only a relatively short while ago (taking a longview of our time on this planet) this innate motivation to obtain and eat food meant a greater chance of survival. But for better or for worse our food environment has changed drastically.  Now that we have an unlimited supply of highly palatable foods specifially designed to appeal to our tastebuds right at our convenience, this instinct can backfire, leading to struggles controlling what and how much we eat.

Although food is innately rewarding to you, you *do* still have the ability to affect the ultimate outcomes of your health and weight.  Science is unravelling how our brains work and how food affects them.  You can actually learn ways to rewire your brain so that you have more control over what you eat and how food affects your weight and your health----and ultimately so that you can be the best version of yourself now and in the future.

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