Congratulations on taking this step to learn about your brain and how it’s affecting your ability to lose weight.  Just the fact that you are here reading this means that you care about your health and are curious about making positive changes.  

Your results on the quiz indicate that your sensitivity to food reward is on the low end. This means that the reward center of your brain responds only minimally to eating.  This means that you're not as likely to think about food, get excited about food and go out of your way for specific foods as many other people.  It also means you are not inclined to eat more than you need at any given time.  Fortunately it also means you are less susceptible to weight gain over time and may have not have struggled with weight loss like so many others.

As someone who is lower on the Food Reward Sensitivity Quiz, know that in many ways you are lucky to not have to deal with many of the things others struggle with regarding cravings, overeating and weight loss.  

Something to keep in mind is that this is only once piece of a much bigger picture when it comes to being healthy and avoiding chronic disease.  There are many people who are thin and look healthy on the outside, but have unseen issues with their health on the inside.  Eating less food is not nearly as important as eating the right foods. And because they may look otherwise healthy, these people can be less motivated to take steps to improve their health.  

Regardless of how you scored on the quiz, you *do* still have the ability to affect the ultimate outcomes of your health.  There are ways to take back control so that you can be the best version of yourself now and in the future.

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