• Mother, wife and successful owner of several small businesses
  • Struggling to juggle all of the different parts of her life
  • No matter what she tried or how hard she worked it never felt like it was "enough”


  • After years of overwhelm she came to enjoy the day to day of her work and life
  • Learned to navigate emotionally charged situations and keep herself grounded and moving forward
  • Cut through the clutter and articulated what was most important, leading to improved relationships and greater effectiveness at work

"I have been able to focus on what is most important because I am now habitually saying no to things that aren't a priority." 



  • Feeling “out of control” with food and life
  • Years of dieting with little to no success
  • Struggle with digestive issues and other chronic symptoms
  • Knowing she needed a change but didn’t know where to start


  • Reset her diet and determined which foods were triggers for difficulties
  • Cravings disappeared, digestive issues cleared up, and she finally lost the weight she'd been struggling to lose
  • For the first time in her life she felt in control

"When I got back to the weight I wanted to be and started feeling better I realized how ridiculously simple it was.  It was just so worth it— to commit.  That realization was so powerful.  This is what I need to do to feel better, be a good mom— be all the things I want to be.”


  • After successfully raising a family and building a career, began looking for a more fulfilling path.
  • Despite being extremely active and healthy, had gained weight and felt drained on a daily basis
  • Wanted to continue to live fully through middle age but was struggling to find the energy to "do it all"


  • A greater sense of mastery and control over food, work, relationships and choices in her life
  • 15 lb weight loss, feeling good in her body
  • Evenings with much greater energy—overall feeling of lightness with much less inflammation in joints—“has me almost bouncing as I walk!”

"I can say that I have Increased confidence in myself as a whole, diminished stress now that there is more control, and a confidence that if there is a breakdown, it’s not the end of the world and I can start back up again without a major slide."