We've Been Missing The Root Of The Problem.

Many diets can work for some people in the short term. But after 6-12 months, the vast majority of people on any diet plateau—followed by the inevitable weight regain. 

And if you've ever been there you know how this can lead to feelings of failure and hopelessness--even when you know you've given it your best shot (or because of it). And you start to wonder why you even bother— or if you'll ever find a way to the other side.

But here's what you need to know. We've been approaching weight loss all wrong. The reason most diets fail is that they don’t get to the root of the problem—they don’t address the underlying reasons we’ve gained weight to begin with.

Temporary solutions often become permanent problems.
— Henry Bruce

We need a different approach.

Research is showing that for many, permanent weight loss is a two step process. First, there’s the short term issue — getting weight loss started. Then there’s the long term issue — getting all the way down to a healthy weight and staying there.

The second issue is what really trips up most people. The difficulty lies in the fact that the hypothalamus (in the brain) determines our body set weight. It’s our fat thermostat. In the short term, almost any decent diet can bring the body weight down somewhat. But once it falls below the body set weight, the hypothalamus activates mechanisms to regain the weight. We end up fighting a battle we can’t win. It’s an endless cycle. The only way to get beyond the constant fight with our bodies is to lower the body fat set weight by addressing the underlying causes of the weight gain.

To add to it, we’re dealing with many years of old assumptions, old stories, old fears that can easily keep us stuck, especially when life happens and things get hard. Even when we find something that seems to be working, any setback, plateau or emotional event can send us spiraling back to where we started (or worse).

And scientists are finding that the key to weight loss appears to be highly personalized. Data from the National Weight Loss Control Registry has shown that in a group of 10,000 people who successfully lost weight and kept it off, no two people did it in quite the same way. That’s because there are multiple overlapping pathways that lead to weight gain and each person is unique—both in what led to the weight gain and what the best approach is to lead them out of it.

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo

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True Me Reset is a proven, science-based, step by step process that gets to the core underlying reasons you've gained weight to begin with.  It allows you to work with your body (rather than fighting it), removing the struggle and preventing weight regain.

Together we’ll create a customized plan that takes into account everything unique about you, including the root cause of your weight gain, any health issues, food intolerances, your level of susceptibility to emotional eating, ancestry, activity level, and preferences.

I'll personally walk with you to finding YOUR best path to weight loss.  You'll do it through eating real, whole foods — and making a few other key changes aimed directly at optimizing your hormones, shifting your metabolism and rewiring your brain for long term success. The result is a lowered body set weight —and easier, sustainable weight loss.

You’ll receive one-on-one mindset coaching to help shift your beliefs, work through fears, prevent setbacks and overcome obstacles. Whatever old stories or fears show up that might have derailed you in the past—we’ll work through them. You’ll learn to navigate around obstacles so that rather than falling into the same hole, you glide gracefully forward.

By the end you’ll not only have lost your excess weight and improved your health, but you’ll have the confidence to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can sustain your new way of eating and living indefinitely.




“Mandy held me accountable in a firm but gentle way.  The plan I followed was customized specifically for me.  And not only was what we did customized, but how we did it.  

Mandy is one of those rare people who is just really good at reading people.  That is the difference.  She knows how to reach people where they’re at—and get them from point A to point B.

Now, I feel a sense of control and more empowered in every area of my life. With the excess weight gone there’s this overall feeling of lightness —especially with the inflammation gone in my knees— that has me almost bouncing as I walk.”

–Barbara Lawler


“This whole experience has been so positive in so many ways.  

Learning the science behind it all was so important for me.  And the support was critical.

And it’s so true about the physical, mental and emotional tying together.  

When I started the program I was at my heaviest. I didn’t feel good.  

Now I literally have to buy new clothes. My clothes are falling down, my belt’s on its tightest hole. And for 4 months, the only exercise I did was walk.”

–Tim Jones


“After 47 pounds and getting off of 3 medicines, I am a believer!

I had gone to 5 nutritionists, exercised for months, non-stop at times, and the doctors just kept prescribing more meds and telling me to try harder.

I had tried and so I thought I was just genetically handed this fate.

I was wrong.

The best part is it’s as simple as eating real food.”

–Deneen Robie



About Mandy Degelsmith, PhD

Mandy is a coach, psychologist, and the founder of the True Me Reset program. Mandy brings her 20 years of coaching experience and a background working as an Outward Bound instructor to help people break through old habits, beliefs, fears, and doubts around weight loss. True Me Reset is for people who have struggled to lose weight-- but still find themselves not where they want to be.

Mandy holds a doctorate in psychology and pulls from cutting edge science around hunger, hormones, and the brain to get to the source of the problem and work with the body’s natural processes. She lives in Waimea on the big island of Hawaii with her husband and son and works with people from around the world.