YUP: Your Unique Plan

A Customized Plan That Takes Into Account Everything Unique About You

Over the last 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of women lose their excess weight and keep it off permanently...

(not to mention, dramatically increase their energy, have clearer skin, improved digestion, better sleep, and happier lives).


Using YUP™  (aka: Your Unique Plan) they've been able to systematically find the path to weight loss that works for them for the long run.  So many who thought getting to their ideal weight wasn't possible, discovered that it is -- when you approach it the right way -- addressing it at the root of the issue: the BRAIN and HORMONES.

Data from the National Weight Loss Control Registry has shown that in a group of 10,000 people who successfully lost weight and kept it off, no two people did it in quite the same way. That’s because there are multiple overlapping pathways that lead to weight gain.

And EACH PERSON IS UNIQUE— we have our unique genetics, health history, preferences, personality, and sensitivities. We differ in how and why we gained weight to begin with and what the best approach is going to be to lose that weight.



This is about YOU. We’ll look at what's keeping you stuck, and the best way to get your weight loss established -- in a healthy, sustainable way that fits you and your lifestyle. 


You are unique. We’re not about squeezing you into a formula or a one size fits all plan. We’ll take into account your genetics, history, health, preferences, activity level, and everything that makes you you.


You’ll be working a PROCESS. We'll walk you step by step through a customized, science-based plan to increase your metabolism, lower your body set point, firmly establish new habits, and actually rewire your brain for success...so you can lose all your excess weight, and KEEP it off -- forever.

YUP™ Options


3 months

Suggested for those:

  • who have struggled in the last few years to lose weight and keep it off.
  • and/or with 25 lbs or less to lose.

Comprehensive assessment and intake session uncovering your history, where you're currently at and areas of challenge.

Customized plan to reset your metabolism, your habits and get weight loss in motion.

Regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Unlimited ongoing email support, accountability and questions answered.

You'll have my full support walking you through each step on your journey as your new lifestyle and habits are reinforced.




6 months

Suggested for those:

  • who have had a longer struggle with food and weight.
  • who have tried multiple other weight loss programs with limited success.
  • and/or with 50 lbs or less to lose.

Comprehensive assessment and intake session highlighting your history, where you're currently at and areas of challenge.

Customized plan to reset your metabolism, your habits and get weight loss in motion.

Regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Unlimited ongoing email support, accountability and questions answered.

With ongoing success, we'll step your habits up to the next level. We'll hone in on food, movement body clock and mindset shifts so you come out on the other side with a sense of total freedom and confidence.



12 months

Suggested for those who:

  • have struggled with food and weight for most of their adult lives.
  • are seeking to be fully at their best in all aspects of their lives. 
  • want the highest level of support during the duration of their weight loss.   
  • and/or have 50 lbs or more to lose

This plan has all the benefits of the other plans. Plus, we'll have 12 months to tweak your plan in every area, and reinforce new habits, so you're getting the best, most comprehensive plan, created specifically for you.

In addition to regularly scheduled sessions, you'll receive unlimited just-in-time coaching and support whenever you need it, through:

  • Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions
  • Travel and unexpected challenges.
  • The ups and downs of what life throws at you.
  • The times where in the past you might have thrown in the towel

...We'll see you through all of it. 

We'll move into next-level, advanced skills and habits -- and have the opportunity to reinforce them-- so that you'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can sustain this new lifestyle forever.

The day you address the root of the issue is the day you’ll stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward.

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"I feel a sense of control and more empowered in every area of my life.

People think they know what they need to do to lose weight, but there are so many myths and misinformation out there. So many of us are wasting our time doing the wrong things!

Mandy cuts through all the clutter and gets to the truth -- and the heart of the matter. 

Mandy is one of those rare people who is just really good at reading people--  that's the difference.  She knows how to reach people where they’re at—and get them from point A to point B."

 --Barbara Lawler

Before working with Mandy I knew I could be a better version of myself —  I just didn’t know how to get there. I was so tired and felt stuck. And when I dieted there was always the feeling like the other shoe may drop at any moment. 

This is so different. I’m not hungry all the time — or irritable. And those voices that question, judge and doubt are gone. I don't have to count how much of this or account for every little thing I eat. Or to feel bad because I’ve gone over a certain amount of calories or points.   So for the first time I’m at this weight without all that.

--Reeves Schulstad

"I was tired of feeling like I was letting myself down -- and making promises to myself and not keeping them. 

Most afternoons I just had huge sugar cravings. It made me feel like, tomorrow I don’t want to be doing this-- having that craving and like I need to get my 'fix'. So not having sugar cravings any more is just --really amazing! It’s just amazingly freeing. 

When I found the right things for me to eat, after that it was easy. It wasn’t about willpower and gritting through it. Now I can trust myself because it’s easy to make these decisions in a way that I’ve never had before."

--Kelly Lyn